About OnOurTable

Geoff Lilge

When I was handed the task of outfitting the kitchen and dining room of my wife Cindy’s new restaurant, finding the perfect cutting and charcuterie boards quickly became my odd obsession. I became fascinated by the beautiful simplicity of a solid wood board – how they feel, how they are held and how they wear.  A flip was switched, and I started making boards myself…

A diverse collection of objects for the kitchen and dining room has emerged from years of prototyping and restaurant testing, created to inspire people to savour every detail when cooking, dining and sharing. Our food experiences inform the products we develop, be it a larger butcher block to work better while cooking for 12, or simply wanting a well-built bread box to sit on our counter.

Our goal is to collaborate and create original, functional objects handcrafted to be used everyday and passed down for generations. Bon appétit!

~ Geoffrey Lilge, Founder and Creative Director